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What Are Automotive Shock Absorbers?


Automotive shock absorbers, as an indispensable key component of vehicles, are composed of multiple parts, including the shock absorber itself, lower spring pad, dust cover, spring, shock pad, upper spring pad, spring seat, bearing, top glue and nut. This system is located in the suspension part of the vehicle, and its main function is to absorb and resolve the vibration caused by uneven road surface during driving, thereby improving the riding comfort and driving stability of passengers.

The working principle of automotive shock absorbers is derived from the principle of fluid dynamics. When a vehicle is driving on an uneven road, the vibration from the road surface is first transmitted to the shock absorber through the tire. In this process, the piston inside the shock absorber moves up and down with the transmission of vibration. At the same time, the oil in the automotive shock absorber flows through a carefully designed valve to generate a damping force. This damping force can effectively absorb the energy of the vibration and convert it into heat energy, thereby achieving the effect of shock absorption.

According to different functional characteristics, automotive shock absorbers can be roughly divided into two types: one-way acting and two-way acting. One-way acting shock absorbers mainly work within their recovery stroke, while two-way acting shock absorbers are more comprehensive and can effectively absorb shock in both compression stroke and recovery stroke. Depending on the vehicle type and driving requirements, different types of automotive shock absorbers can be selected to achieve the best driving experience and ride comfort.

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